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corq_1284519643_48 Current Endeavor: Security Analyst

I have formerly worked on law enforcement systems, and continue to consult for groups and clients, developing information security policies and coaching approaches for small business and home office-based professionals.

I’m an obsessive technology-watcher, as much as I am a ‘people watcher’… I find that while technology is mostly predictable along certain baselines, humans never fail to amaze me… Human innovation and ingenuity exceeds almost anything we can automate: never dismiss your own personal potential.

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More useless trivia, I was born in 1969, and I participate in the ageless project. Strangest trivia: I am the daughter of a former professional trapeze and high-wire acrobat. I am what I can best describe as a philosophical Taoist with mild Buddhist leanings. I can be fatalist and yet hopeful, simultaneously. However, you’d have to ask me to tell you about it, because I respect your path, and wouldn’t want to alter you any more than I may already have. The only special power I possess is the “Cloak of Non-Entity”. Hobbies:

More to follow, and I update my life’s great adventure!

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